Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Making up for lost time

I do have a small excuse for not blogging. I updated to an Ipad nearly 2 years ago from a PC and the biggest drawback is that I can't seem to post photos etc from my iPad directly onto this blog. At first I thought it was just me, learning all the differences that go with change. However, after much searching through Google and asking others, I have discovered that Blogger and iPad just do not talk to each other.

I have to go back to my old computer. I am looking into options especially as I can no longer do market stalls due to health reasons.

Most of the creations happen when we are travelling around Australia in our Robbiebago Motorhome. This will be only the 2nd winter we have stayed home in 8 years. This time due to hubby needing a 2 month stint as outpatient in rehab for his lung disease and possibly entering in a medical trial which we hope to know if he 'qualifies' within 2 weeks. (The 1st was for my cancer treatment.)

I have been slowly but consistently making various crafts mostly sock dolls & sock monkeys.

Hopefully I can keep this blog going but either way, I will keep you informed as I get things together.
Keep safe & warm through this winter, where ever you are. Actually I would love to know where everyone lives, so please leave a comment and let me get to know you a little.

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