Friday, January 6, 2017

Whoo goes there?

Owls can be so adorable that I have made some sock owls just for you. I would love you to meet these wonderful creatures. Did you know that a group of owls is called a parliament? Well wouldn't you much rather vote for these guys than the fellas in Canberra. I know I would have more faith in these cute owls!

They are left to right: Cassy, Blue Wing, Soldat, BooBoo (Sold)  and Amore. They are available right now for just $10 plus postage.


All of these owls are available for $10 each plus postage (capped at $8 within Australia).

I have decided not to have a online shop such as Etsy at this stage mainly reduce stress due to my own health (a rare cancer). For this same reason I rarely take commissions though I am always open to suggestions.

Paypal is my preferred payment option which protects both of us! You can contact me via Facebook or email if you have any questions.


Cassy the apricot coloured owl is the largest owl at around 10cm tall. She has gorgeous green button eyes and a little flower on her head.


Blue Wing is roughly 9.5cm tall and he has lovely lime green stripes with slightly darker green eye pads surrounding his lovely red button eyes.

Blue Wing

Ollie is the second smallest owl here. He is just 8.5cm approx.
I just love his flower button eyes.

Ollie Owl

Say hi to tiny 8cm tall Soldat. What he lacks for in size he makes up for in big hearted-ness. (By the way, Soldat means soldier due to the pattern on his chest!).



Any of these pocket pal owls fit inside your hand and can be your constant companion.


50% of all sock creations sales go to Without a Ribbon Inc - an Australian rare cancer charity.


Postage is capped at $8 within Australia.
International shipping is available. Please contact me for price for your location.

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