Friday, January 6, 2017

Socks, socks and more socks in all shapes, sizes, and colours

I’ve made a few of these sock toys now and I have been enjoying creating all manner of toys out of them.

My first group photo of my cuties

So of course that means if I want to keep going, I am going to have to start collecting them. Well, that's been no chore. In fact I just can't help myself... I keep finding new socks, especially in the post Christmas sales. I can even find brand new socks at op shops on occasions. I am not above using second hand ones, but I more or less want to know the person for some reason. If I am going to sell these cuties, then surely you are entitled to have toys made from brand new socks.
Just a small selection of socks

We all have them, in all shapes, sizes, and colours. They serve many purposes: They mainly warm our feet or protect our feet inside shoes. They are great for tussles with the family pet. They can be annoying when they separate and we can't find the mate.

Little cousins love storytime

But in my mind, best of all is that socks can be used to create the most incredibly cute and durable toys. We all love things that make us happy. I find it amazing that even a plain sock let alone a pretty sock can bring us so much joy!

The beginning of my parliament of owls

I find that I just can't walk past shops now without taking a peek at their socks. I picked up some great post Christmas bargain socks.  Of course I can order them on line, but I just love seeing and feeling their texture.

My small troop of monkeys have all found homes

 I have to make a few more cats and monkeys for sure. I want to play around with and idea for a dinosaur (and if it doesn't turn out then I will turn it into an alien for fun!

Cecil the Cat is my last remaining cat at time of writing

What would you like to see?
Let me know in the comments below! 
If I make a new toy from your idea I will name the first one after you!

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