Wednesday, April 12, 2017

My grand daughters inspired me

As a teenager I made my own clothes, more so that I could wear the latest fashions. Then when I married, I thought making my children's clothes was what a "good" stay at home mum should do especially when inspired by the example of my wonderful crafty mother in law.

As my kids reached their teen years, they didn't want hand made clothes and I was working more and more in my husband's business by then.

My craft time was taken over by paper crafts especially card making and explosion boxes. My poor sewing machine hardly got used other than to repair this seam or that, and when I took sewing again many skills had rusted over and had to be re-learnt.

One of my explosion boxes

I had dreams of making a quilt and when my first grand child came along, I did make her a baby quilt, but I soon learnt it just wasn't "my thing". I do enjoy making various bits n pieces for them. Children are easy to make for.

Bespoke Christmas and birthday gifts were always something to aim for.

Eventually, my husband stopped working so much and we started travelling extensively in our caravan called Robbiebago around Australia. As I don't get car sick, I looked for crafts to do in the front seat that allows me to interact with my hubby and look at the passing scenery. I first tried quilt as you go.

The beginning of my Quilt as you go, which eventually turned into a bag.

Then I tried crocheting whilst traveling. It happily filled in otherwise wasted time and I made many lap rugs.

It wasn't until I made my grand daughters a Olaf snowman from socks that started to inspire me to make other sock dolls.

Sock dolls and other wonderful sock creatures are so wonderfully tactile.  They are just lovely to cuddle.

They are easy to make and one can source the materials in just about every town whilst travelling and even the stuffing is easily available in most larger towns in the form of new pillows, so I could be productive, but grab the supplies as needed so I didn't have to cart stock from home. Another important consideration when living in a caravan or motorhome is storage and especially the wight of stuff. Sock dolls are extremely lightweight.

I could sell my crafts either online or via various markets as we travel. I donate at least 50% of all my sock creations to raise funds & awareness for Without A Ribbon - an Australian rare cancer charity close to my heart. The only thing more rare than the cancer itself, is the support available to those diagnosed each year.

My first stall on the road
It is certainly much more fun to make sock toys than to darn socks. I have renewed my relationship with my sewing machine and my pile of socks waiting to be rescued from a life covering smelly feet.

A troop of sock monkey friends

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