Thursday, June 1, 2017

Crikey: a broken wrist

Oh dear. Its rather difficult to make the lovely cute sock creations when one has a broken wrist.

My troop of monkey friends

It was just a simple thing, but who knew a little bit of gardening on holidays would cause me so much grief. We rolled up at a friend's place after attending a wonderful Rare Cancer Conference organized by Without A Ribbon.

I love gardening and it was a joy to spend some time outdoors, helping them by doing a little weeding. I caught my foot on a rock, I took a tumble backwards and knew almost immediately it was bad enough to need investigating. I broke right across the top of the radius on my left hand.

A trip to the hospital to confirm my suspicion only it's bad enough to require surgery to put a volar plate in. I am going to be out of action for the next 8 weeks!

No sewing! I can guess some of you are saying that I can sew with my right hand since I am right handed. However several things come into play. I consumed in a lot of pain and can't even think of any sort of crafting. I could hardly even concentrate to watch TV for about 3 weeks. Secondly we were still travelling in our motorhome. Surgery was required in an unfamiliar city. When eventually I can think again, the mobility especailly any twisting of my wrist was almost impossible. It is amazing just how much we rely on our non dominant hand for so many things.

I walked around like this for 3 weeks often in a sling

The scar has healed quite neatly. It is going to be a long road to full flexibility - physio reckons 12-24 months to my peak. Still I can feel improvements esp since I've taken the bandage off allowing more movement. I can't bend it back very far and about 50% forward. I also can't close my hand into a fist yet. But I can start to grip and carry a very light load in my hand. So it's going to be a lot of physio.

I still couldn't twist my wrist at the time of the photo but it's much improved now

I reckon sewing will help the physio part, don't you? 😉 Actually threading a needle was the hardest part needed to actually get started. I still find it hard to stuff. I think it is more to do with gripping it tight enough and holding the doll with my left hand whilst inserting the filling. It's all part of my physical therapy, I reckon.

I have a floor cushion that is my next project. It will be a gift for my first grandson. Come back soon and see it!

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