Sunday, July 16, 2017

Socks, Socks and more Socks

Socks are coming out of my ears. I picked this hobby for travelling as it is easy to find most of the items in just about every town on the road.

Just a small bundle of socks

Yes. I am back on the road, travelling around the lower eastern part of Queensland in our trusty motorhome, Robbiebago. My broken wrist is healing nicely after nearly 4 months now. I can do nearly everything though it is still a little weak.

Have socks - will travel & sew

I have made several items since breaking my wrist, starting with a no sew tied floor cushion for my first grandson.

You can see both sides of the floor cushion here and of course my darling boy!

Then a few dolls, monkeys and even a few sock sloths which I am happy to say are very popular.

Just 3 of my sloths

So where do I get my supplies?

I generally find them on special at Kmart & Big W and even some dollar shops have them cheap. Yesterday I was at this tiny little town called Monto, Queensland where the dress shop had some socks for $2. Of course I just had to pick up some more. They weren't the exciting patterned ones nor even stripey ones, but hey the plain colours are great sometimes too. I want to have a go a making a sock monkey of odd colours one day, eg a pink snout, green head and yellow... well, you get the idea. Actually I have ideas faster than I have time to make them. Groan... ;)

Then you can get embroidery cottons by the skein for around $1.00 each. Buttons can be found at the craft stores as well as op shops occasionally. For the stuffing I buy new hyper allergenic but cheap pillows and pull them apart. I have found that I prefer some brand over others, but that is just me nit picking. Felt from the dollar shops and even Spotlight aren't the good stuff but it is easier to get. The wool felt is so much nicer though and so far I can only find them on line.

Once you have these simple supplies, you can make a sock monkey for way less than $10.00 per monkey. It does take some time though which what you are also paying for when you buy anything handmade including my delightful sock toys. It is up to you whether you sew it totally by hand, or partially with your sewing machine and finish it off by hand.

2 monkeys made from dollar shop socks

Want some more info? Then comment here or send me a message!

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