Thursday, March 8, 2018

The missing sock dilemma

How come so many socks  get separated from their twin?

With 6 people in the family, I don't actually ensure that they go in the washing machine as a pair, but I have to assume that  the kids and the hubby take both their socks off at the same time AND you'd assume that 90% of the time they would chuck them in the dirty clothes bin together. So why then do so many come out alone?

If this doesn't happen to you, then maybe you should tell me what it is that I am doing wrong so often.With 6 members to my family, you can imagine how many "lost" socks there were. Every now and then I would spend some time seeing if its lost mate was waiting for him, which it rarely ever was.

There was a stage when the fashions encouraged the kids to wear mis-matched socks much to my horror (My OCD tendencies flare up at such blatant odd pairings).

So just how long does one wait for the partner to roll up? A few days, a week, a month?

I have only been making sock dolls for the last couple of years so now when I look back... I can see so many missed opportunities where I could have at least turned them into something cute rather than using them for dust rags.  Now I can just save the extra one for my wonderful sock creations. Of course I hang onto the extra one for a few months just in case that missing sock will turn up one day. Well... that depends on how good looking the sock is. I might think it would make this fantastic sock monkey.

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