Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Life is wonderful

I must admit that I am totally spoilt in so many ways, being able to craft in lots of beautiful locations around Australia as I do.

My husband and I have reached a stage in life when we can take off to warmer climes for winter in our motorhome, which Rob converted from a small bus specifically so we can live in it off the grid and fully self contained. we named the motorhome Robbiebago II. You can follow our journeys on a separate blog of the same name here.

It is this life on the road that has prompted me to look for a craft I can easily source materials along the way, it doesn't require lots of space or weight and that there be aspects at least that can be done whilst Rob is driving esp on the long road trips. (Australia is such a big country, almost as big as the USA and it surpasses all of Europe.)

Europe fits in Australia with lots of room to spare.   On this trip we've only gone north as far as Gladstone which is a good 18 hours non stop driving.  We've taken a leisurely few months to get there.

The fact that I can use the sales of my sock creations to support Without a Ribbon is also very important to me. WaR is an Australian charity set up to support people who have been diagnosed with rare cancers of which I am one myself. Rather than count the days I have left, I can be proactive.

Sure there are some days that are not as great as others but the vast majority of them are great and these is what I focus on. Now that we know my husband also has a degenerative lung disease just makes our time together ever so much more precious especially while we can still both travel.

A sloth named Baffles

A Minnie Mouse Monkey in her little skirt

So lets leave all that extraneous drivel and get on with showing you my latest sock creations.
Many of them are still available for sale as I have not been attending any markets this trip other than from the other side as a browser and buyer! LOL

Baby Peaches

Pocket Pal Kitten "Minty'

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